Tauranga branch opening

Escape Masters Tauranga - Family fun - Opening ceremony

Tauranga Escape Masters with its brand new escape rooms opened for testing last Friday and Saturday! The excitement for the new escape rooms was overwhelming in Tauranga. We had many test groups play the new escape rooms, who have provided valuable feedback to our design team about the new escape rooms. We were fully booked during the days and the crew were very excited to see you all come through and enjoy the escape games.

I myself even had to pop over to Tauranga to have a turn! I was locked in the Eyre’s Family Store escape room for an hour with my family and our foreign exchange student. It was safe to say we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves even though we were frustrated we didn't escape the room in time. It got us out of the house, thinking and gave us something to do on a rainy day... I think that's what I like the most about it.

Exciting news! Tauranga Escape Masters opened on the 14th of March to the public after having successful testing days. If you're looking for a unique activity in Tauranga, whether it's a rainy or sunny day, Escape Masters' brand new escape rooms are the perfect outing. So come on down to Red Square - 27 Spring Street and try one of our 3 BRAND NEW escape rooms today!