Escape Masters for team building

Looking for the perfect team building opportunity? Escape Masters’ escape rooms are your place!

Teams have a choice of four escape rooms, where 32 people can be playing at once. These escape room games requires critical thinking and test your mettle on all the important skills you need in life: planning, time-management and ingenuity.

It is a great team building event. To succeed, teams must stick together - collaborate and communicate! The escape rooms are also perfect for team building, as they have been designed to improve cohesion, productivity and build genuine connections with the participants.

Team building with Auckland team in Rotorua Motion Entertainment

For the competitive team building groups with 4-16 players, you can pitch teams against each other by starting the teams simultaneously in our two identically-themed rooms. Who doesn’t like a bit of competition every now and again!

So now families, friends and companies have a unique way to bond together in a way like no other…

Start planning your team building functions with us now!