Rotorua is off to a great start

Escape Masters, Rotorua’s first real-life escape room experience, has opened its doors on the 26th November 2016. Since the grand opening we have settled right into the new Motion Entertainment complex, challenging customers with our thrilling 4 new escape rooms.

Escape Masters Rotorua have had a wide range of customers come through the complex daily and have had many players raving about the new escape rooms. How exciting! We wanted to create a unique escape room experience for all walks of life. We feel that our escape rooms have truly become a place, where people of Rotorua and tourists visiting the area can get together.

We have been extremely happy to see the amount of people getting to experience our action packed escape rooms here in Rotorua. Do you think you have what it take to escape from our tricky escape rooms? Try Rotorua’s first real-life escape game, where every second counts!

Escape Masters Rotorua - Rotorua is off to a great start