Escape Reality with VR games 50% off

Western Manukau

Escape Masters Auckland CBD & Rotorua offer an awesome Virtual Reality experience: choose from a 25- or 50-minute sessions and play one or more of our 50 games available!

For the month of September we are offering 50% off your VR experience with the promo code SEPTVR50 when you book online.

With over 50 games, our HTC Vive VR has an experience for everyone. There are a variety of genres to choose from including arcade, horror, first-person shooters, sports, puzzles, explorations and kids.

You can play a virtual escape rooms games, BeatSaber: a game where you use lightsabers to slice boxes to the beat of a song, for the more athletically inclined customers Hoops VR: a basketball game where hoops will appear anywhere around you and you have 1 minute to get as many in as you can or you will have the chance to fight the enemy in numerous games, like the Space Pirates.

So don’t miss out on your escape from reality and a bunch of fun at Escape Masters Auckland CBD & Rotorua, book now at to enjoy the 50% off in September! (Please be aware CBD customers can only have 1 player at a time, in Rotorua 2 players can play at one time.)