New room opening in Manukau

Following their successful opening in April, our team at Escape Masters Manukau is already working on their next room: Escobar’s hideout!

Be a legend! You and your team of police officers have a mission: prove that Pablo Escobar isn’t the successful businessman everyone seems to think he is, but the largest drug criminal the world has ever known. You’ll need to uncover his secret hideout, find the evidence... and escape before Escobar comes back!

What took us so long? If you have played our Western Jail and School detention rooms, you know we are all about getting you into the right atmosphere. This means finding the right story, interesting and logical puzzles that fit well into the storyline and great, realistic props and room staging. Plus this time, we’ll have a whole lot of more technical electronic puzzles! Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight and the success of the first rooms means we are already pretty busy!

When are you opening Escobar’s hideout... I can’t wait! We plan to open this new room in September so put your team together and book your next Escape Masters experience now! Watch this space for more info about the opening date for the Escobar escape room!

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