Creating a High-Tech Escape Room Experience

Western Manukau

Escape Masters is proud to have developed Escape Room Admin, a tablet application made to help escape room businesses to provide a better customer experience and a more efficient workplace environment for their staff.

With our state-of-the art technology players can create an account, read the rules and game story, add notes, get hints, play background music, ask for help and more! All at the convenience of their game tablet. And these options can also be customizable to best fit your business and customer experience. Make your business run more smoothly with employees being able to show immediate rankings, handle team photos with an ease, check room reset times and maintenance reports after the game.

So why not improve your customer service, escape room experience and your overall business efficiency with Escape Room Admin? Know more about your business and take your real-life escape room game to the next level! Find more information at and simply get in touch with us today.