Auckland Anniversary

Auckland Rogaine Series sponsorship

Looking for something fun to do this Auckland Anniversary weekend? Challenge your minds and those of your friends and family with a real-life escape room adventure!

Come and try out one of our five new rooms in the Auckland CBD. How would you break out of an Alien Prison? Could you escape from a Haunted Motel? Steal plans to pull off a grand heist in the Bar Mafia room, then try to pull off the robbery in the Bank Heist room.

Planning to get out of Auckland over the weekend? Reclaim your stole belongings in the Circus room, get out from Eyre Family Store or escape from the Prison at our Tauranga branch. Or enjoy the sunshine in an exciting outdoor adventure in town as you gather evidence to plead your case in the Rena Cover-up.

Try something new with a wide range of virtual reality experiences at the Rotorua branch. Or play a traditional room. Could you survive a Zombie invasion? Escape an unfortunate fate in Gangsters Chase room, or defuse a bomb in the Legacy of the Spy room.

Book your game today to ensure that you do not miss out!