Auckland Rogaine Series sponsorship

Escape Masters was the first New Zealand escape room company to open identical rooms in Auckland/Rotorua and THEY WERE A HIT! From birthdays to corporate functions, guests loved racing head to head in our Zombie Invasion and Return of the Superhero rooms and they were a favourite among all ages!

Last month we finally said to goodbye to our Superhero rooms in Auckland, and after weeks of waiting we are excited to announce two new identical rooms for Auckland with a never before played theme. Bank Heist has been specifically designed keeping in mind the competitive nature of our guests. With brand new puzzles and a uniquely themed design, we promise this will be the perfect experience for everyone!

We ran a competition on our Facebook page where people had to guess which one of the new themes is the identical room. This competition was a success and we are pleased with the excitement people have towards the new rooms. The winning person won a voucher for 4 people to be one of the first to play the Bank Heist in Auckland!

So looking for something to do this summer? Already played our old rooms? Give our new rooms a try! You won’t leave disappointed!

For further updates follow us on Facebook and Instagram! We will also be running a HUGE Christmas promotion in the upcoming days so keep a lookout for that! ID: escapemasters