Auckland Rogaine Series sponsorship

Please welcome the first ever outdoor walking experience opening up at Escape Masters Tauranga on 1st December! You will be required to get into teams, and will have 60 mins to walk around Tauranga to gather all the evidence and solve the case! This is a completely new and never done before experience at Escape Masters! We have been working on this for a long time and are so excited for guests to finally start playing!

Here at Escape Masters Ltd, we strongly believe in evolving and developing new ideas for the sole purpose of providing the best experience for our guests! This outdoor escape game will be the perfect addition to summer and great way to get active outdoors and have some fun! Themed around the Rena Disaster, this is close to home for the locals and of familiarity to most New Zealanders. It also gives tourists a chance to learn about Tauranga’s history whilst having a fun and energised hour!

Escape Masters Auckland also has some new things brewing this summer! After the successful opening of the Haunted Motel, we are opening new rooms with brand new themes so keep a lookout for that! BIG SURPRISES COMING SOON!

Looking for something fun to do this summer? Love a good mystery and puzzle? Book now at Escape Masters Auckland, Rotorua or Tauranga for the perfect activity this summer!