Auckland Rogaine Series sponsorship

Escape Masters Auckland is proud to finally release our new room, The Haunted Motel. This is the first horror room we have done in Auckland and we are insanely proud of how it turned out! This is the perfect indoor adventure for thrill seekers and horror junkies! With captivating mysteries and newly designed puzzles, this will definitely be a memorable horror experience!

We ran a successful competition where we gave people the chance to guess the name of this room by looking at the picture. After an overwhelming number of responses the closest guess was “The Haunted Hotel”. With more new rooms opening, we will be running more competitions on our Facebook page to give guests a chance to win passes to be one the first to play! Like us on Facebook to keep updated!

The room is ready to play and has been enjoyed and loved by guests over the past weekend. We are ecstatic with the feedback we have received with this room and pride ourselves on offering our guests with a unique and fun experience!

Do you love thrill and horror? Book now to be one the of the first people to experience The Haunted Motel and set the high score!

We will be releasing MORE new rooms in the upcoming weeks with more lighter but just as unique themes for all ages in Auckland, so keep a look out for that on our social media! We will also launch our new outdoor experience in Tauranga from December. Watch this space for more details!