Queens Birthday fun at Escape Masters

Queens Birthday fun at Escape Masters

Trying to look for something fun to do this long weekend? Why not come and try our Escape Rooms we have to offer. With 10 different escape rooms and 3 locations there is plenty of fun for everyone! Bring your family and friends along this queens birthday weekend and try 1 if not more of our escape rooms we have to offer!

Want to Escape from all the cold and rainy weather?

Why not escape from our escape rooms and escape from this cold and horrible weather, it is the perfect opportunity to escape from the nasty weather and have fun escaping out of our escape rooms at the same time. It’s a win, win!

And with our new self help system our escape rooms are better than ever! Come and try our escape rooms on one of these cold and nasty days and check out our new self help system in our escape rooms at Auckland and Rotorua!

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days

Escape Masters, New and Improved

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days

Escape Masters have now upped their game and have listened to the public's requests! Our Escape Rooms have now been improved with our latest technology and our escape rooms have become better than ever! With now no longer having a call button to call for assistants, our escape rooms are now self controlled.

You can now scan a barcode 3 times to help unlock your way through our escape rooms with no assistants needed from staff outside the rooms!

Come on through one of our escape roomson Rotorua or Auckland and give our new system a go today!

Escape Masters - the Mother’s Day treat that everyone enjoyed!

Mothers Played for free in our escape rooms at escape masters and they had a blast! Not only did all the mums enjoy their time here in our escape rooms but everyone else did too!

It is safe to say we had a lot of happy mums escape from Escape Masters over the weekend and the fact they played for free was even more of a bonus for them! The escape room activity was a bit different from other Mother’s day celebrations. Families had to work together against the time and escape before it was too late.

Escape Masters was happy to see a lot of mums come through our escape rooms and have a blast in them too! We look forward to welcoming more families at our escape rooms in Auckland, Rotorua and Tauranga.

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days

Escape Masters perfect for school holidays!

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days

Planning your kids school holidays? Escape Masters has the perfect escape rooms for yourself and your kids to escape from this school holiday!

The worldwide popular phenomenon promises a vivid experience that caters to all age groups. You can let the kids play alone* or you can join in on the fun. Each of our escape rooms have 4 difficulty levels, so you can pick any theme and adjust the escape room game to your group’s ability.

Head to your nearest Escape Masters to become the main character of one of our captivating mysteries and give any of our 10 escape rooms a go! Find clues, solve puzzles, crack codes, escape and celebrate in style!

Note: Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Easter egg hunt with a twist at Escape Masters this weekend!

Don’t know what to do this Easter weekend? Why not come on down to Escape Masters and try one of our amazing escape rooms we offer. Our escape rooms consist of lots of different, unique puzzles, brain teasers, and riddles! You will enjoy an egg hunt with a twist, where you will need to uncover all the clues to be able to escape the room. Will you be successful within this year's egg hunt at Escape Masters?

Come and test your self! Our escape rooms are spread throughout 3 different cities: Auckland, Rotorua and Tauranga so we have plenty of escape rooms to offer: 13 to be exact!

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days

Escape Masters, Perfect for the kids!

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days

Have you ever wished that you had an extra hour after school to run some errands? Well now you can! Bring your kids down to experience one of our escape rooms today. Not only do you get to finish off those little jobs you wished never existed, but the kids are having fun trying to escape out of our escape rooms at the same time! Are you up for a challenge? Even better, join them in trying to escape one of our internationally popular escape rooms.

Note: Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Perfect indoor activity for those rainy days we all hate

Are you sick of rainy day boredom? Here at Escape Masters we promise an unforgettable experience playing our real-life escape games.

Our escape rooms are a great idea for a rainy day activity when you want to get out of the house. Experience 13 different escape rooms in 3 different locations including our most recent branch in Tauranga.

Summer is gone so say goodbye to nice weather and hello to our indoor escape rooms to keep you away from those rainy cold days!

Escape Masters loves to see new and old customers coming in and enjoying our escape rooms we have to offer.

Start planning your next booking with us or just walk on in :)

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days

Tauranga branch opening

Escape Masters Tauranga - Family fun - Opening ceremony

Tauranga Escape Masters with its brand new escape rooms opened for testing last Friday and Saturday! The excitement for the new escape rooms was overwhelming in Tauranga. We had many test groups play the new escape rooms, who have provided valuable feedback to our design team about the new escape rooms. We were fully booked during the days and the crew were very excited to see you all come through and enjoy the escape games.

I myself even had to pop over to Tauranga to have a turn! I was locked in the Eyre’s Family Store escape room for an hour with my family and our foreign exchange student. It was safe to say we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves even though we were frustrated we didn't escape the room in time. It got us out of the house, thinking and gave us something to do on a rainy day... I think that's what I like the most about it.

Exciting news! Tauranga Escape Masters opened on the 14th of March to the public after having successful testing days. If you're looking for a unique activity in Tauranga, whether it's a rainy or sunny day, Escape Masters' brand new escape rooms are the perfect outing. So come on down to Red Square - 27 Spring Street and try one of our 3 BRAND NEW escape rooms today!

Escape Masters for team building

Looking for the perfect team building opportunity? Escape Masters’ escape rooms are your place!

Teams have a choice of four escape rooms, where 32 people can be playing at once. These escape room games requires critical thinking and test your mettle on all the important skills you need in life: planning, time-management and ingenuity.

It is a great team building event. To succeed, teams must stick together - collaborate and communicate! The escape rooms are also perfect for team building, as they have been designed to improve cohesion, productivity and build genuine connections with the participants.

Team building with Auckland team in Rotorua Motion Entertainment

For the competitive team building groups with 4-16 players, you can pitch teams against each other by starting the teams simultaneously in our two identically-themed rooms. Who doesn’t like a bit of competition every now and again!

So now families, friends and companies have a unique way to bond together in a way like no other…

Start planning your team building functions with us now!