Thank you from Omokoroa Coastal Challenge!

We here at Escape Masters Auckland, Tauranga and Rotorua love to get involved in the community and help out worthy causes!

This month Escape Masters Tauranga donated free passes to the Omokoroa Coastal Challenge to help raise funds for a new Sports Pavilion in the Omokoroa community. The day involved a fun and challenging multi-sport event for all ages. From challenging duathlons for serious athletes, to casual stroller walking options for those that want to enjoy a relaxed Sunday morning, there was something for everyone.

The gift vouchers we had provided were used as prizes for the best dressed costumes and were loved by the winners. The event managed to fundraise almost $9000, which will all be given to the Sports Pavilion project.

We look forward to seeing the winners at our Tauranga branch and appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the community!

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days


Auckland Rogaine Series sponsorship

Escape Masters Auckland is proud to finally release our new room, The Haunted Motel. This is the first horror room we have done in Auckland and we are insanely proud of how it turned out! This is the perfect indoor adventure for thrill seekers and horror junkies! With captivating mysteries and newly designed puzzles, this will definitely be a memorable horror experience!

We ran a successful competition where we gave people the chance to guess the name of this room by looking at the picture. After an overwhelming number of responses the closest guess was “The Haunted Hotel”. With more new rooms opening, we will be running more competitions on our Facebook page to give guests a chance to win passes to be one the first to play! Like us on Facebook to keep updated!

The room is ready to play and has been enjoyed and loved by guests over the past weekend. We are ecstatic with the feedback we have received with this room and pride ourselves on offering our guests with a unique and fun experience!

Do you love thrill and horror? Book now to be one the of the first people to experience The Haunted Motel and set the high score!

We will be releasing MORE new rooms in the upcoming weeks with more lighter but just as unique themes for all ages in Auckland, so keep a look out for that on our social media! We will also launch our new outdoor experience in Tauranga from December. Watch this space for more details!

Gergo’s Amazing Race 2017

This year Escape Masters Auckland is proud to announce we are teaming up with Auckland’s Orienteering Club for Gergo’s Amazing Race. This race is dedicated to the amazing mountaineer and orienteer Gergo who devoted his short life to these passions. The event involves 5 hours of fun puzzle solving while getting active outdoors and making the most of this beautiful weather! Get in teams, dress up and have a great time outdoors filled with thrilling puzzles and activities that are enjoyable for both adults and kids!

This year’s theme is superheroes and Escape Masters Auckland will be having a pop up Superhero room for competitors to play! This weekend we will be saying goodbye to our much loved Superhero room as we will be replacing it with brand new rooms with never before played themes! This will be your last chance EVER to play our Superhero room and experience the thrilling and captivating mysteries that our guests have enjoyed for years! (HINT: BIG SURPRISE COMING)

Today is the LAST day to register for GAR, so visit their website now:

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of our Halloween Competition, Yra Wan!

Auckland Rogaine Series sponsorship

During the month of Halloween, we ran a competition in collaboration with Spookers which was a hit! In farewell to our beloved Gangsters’ Room in Auckland and with halloween approaching we ran a competition where participants had to solve a gangster puzzle and also play a room in order to go in the draw to win. Thank you to Yra for participating and we hope you enjoy your 4 Superscare passes to Spookers this month!

With the success of this competition, we will also be running some more fun and interactive competitions where you can win passes to our new rooms in Auckland! Keep a lookout on our Facebook for more information in the upcoming weeks!

In the next few weeks we will have new rooms opening in Auckland with never before played themes. The first two rooms will be opening next week so book now to be one of the first EVER to play the rooms and be the first to set the high score!

Will you be able to guess the theme? WIll you be able to handle the horror? Hint hint……BIG SURPRISE COMING SOON!


Escape Masters Auckland, Rotorua and Tauranga have the perfect solution for you! Perfect for team building activities, christmas parties and corporate functions. Our escape rooms combine productivity and fun to perfectly finish off the work year!

After working together in the office, see how well your co-workers work together to escape in this engaging indoor activity! Find clues, solve puzzles and crack codes to escape in this captivating, yet thrilling experience! With a variety of rooms and different difficulty levels to choose from, it's the perfect option for beginners and masters! Warm up in our lobby area before the game or celebrate your success afterwards, we have plenty of space for everyone!

Played before? This christmas Escape Masters Auckland will be introducing brand new rooms with never before played themes! Book now to be one of the first teams to play and build genuine connections with your team!

Book now in Auckland, Rotorua and Tauranga and give our real-life escape games a go!

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days


Auckland Rogaine Series sponsorship

In the upcoming weeks Escape Masters Auckland is saying goodbye to our much loved Cybercrime escape room and Gangsters’ escape room. Over the past 3 years guests of all ages have enjoyed and loved these rooms, but with summer holidays coming up we believe it’s time for a change! Not to worry another Gangsters’ Room will still be available in our Rotorua branch!

After months of planning and deliberating, our new rooms are finally coming into production and will be up and running by December! With new puzzles and captivating mysteries, these new rooms promise to get your brain juices flowing and be one hell of an adventure!

Watch this space to more upcoming details! Will you be able to guess what the new rooms will be?


School holidays are almost coming to an end but there is still time to make the most of the remaining few days left! Escape Masters offers the perfect indoor activity for this gloomy weather! Our Escape Rooms are filled up with awesome puzzles, brain teasers, codes and challenges to keep the kids entertained these school holidays.

Parents can team up with their kids or go head to head in a challenge round in our identical Return of the Superheroes room! This is also the last chance to try our fun and interactive Return of the Superheroes escape room, Cyber Crime escape room, Gangsters’ Room and The Alien Abduction escape room as they will be gone and replaced by the time next school holidays come around!

Keep your kids entertained as well as engaged in our stimulating yet fun escape rooms these school holidays! Visit our branches in Auckland, Rotorua and Tauranga and ESCAPE!!!

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days

Escape Masters receive tripadvisor award of excellence, third year in a row!

Auckland Rogaine Series sponsorship

“We’re pleased to announce that Escape Masters has been recognized with a 2017 Certificate of Excellence, based on the consistently great reviews you’ve earned on tripadvisor.” - tripadvisor.

Escape Masters are over the moon! Receiving a 2017 TripAdvisor award of excellence this year meaning this is now our third year in a row. Our first ever Escape Masters Nz was founded in February 2014 meaning we have received this award every year since we have opened. We love to hear your feedback about Escape Masters and our escape rooms so we can keep improving them to be able to receive the awards we do. Thank you on behalf of Escape Masters for coming in and testing the minds of one another in our escape rooms and for all your amazing reviews! #EveryReviewCounts!

School Holidays are approaching fast! What are your plans?

School holidays are approaching fast! Do you have any plans? Why not come and try one if not more of our escape rooms these school holidays. Our escape rooms are the perfect excuse to get out of the house with your family or friends and challenge each other's minds as to how to escape out of our escape rooms. Our escape rooms are the perfect challenge for everyone, even the littlies!

OSo gather up your family and friends for a challenging time in our escape rooms these school holidays!

(Please note that children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.)

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days

Auckland Rogaine Series sponsorship

Auckland Rogaine Series sponsorship

Rogaine is the sport of cross country navigation in which individuals or teams visit as many checkpoints as possible within a given time limit, sometimes 24 hrs!

This year Escape Masters has sponsored the rogaine series as well as recently donating to the Glenbrook Industrial Fire Brigade Sky Tower challenge team in support of the leukemia and blood cancer society.

Escape Masters sponsored the Rogaine series with a voucher for the lucky winner to come and experience our escape rooms we have to offer. So on behalf of Escape Masters congratulations to the winners and all the participants and we hope to see you very soon!