Auckland Rogaine Series sponsorship

In celebration of our new rooms opening, we have teamed up with Cakes and Ladders this month to giveaway some free game time! Cakes and Ladders is Auckland’s premier gaming café! With a growing collection of boards games and wonderful treats, it’s the perfect way to spend the day relaxing and playing games!

Customers who played a room at Auckland CBD and got a room record entered the draw to win one of these $10 vouchers, congratulations to Alexandra, Katie and Vipal!

For more information regarding Cakes and Ladders visit their website and


We are pleased to announce that we will be opening our fourth branch in Manukau, located on Great South Road.

In Manukau we will have FOUR BRAND NEW THEMES. You will have the choice of escaping from a torpedoed submarine, school detention, catching the biggest drug lord or racing in our identical wild west’s jail escape room.

Escape Masters is the only escape room experience in New Zealand to have two identical rooms in which teams can race each other in the same setting over the same puzzles. Do you have a competitive streak in you? Are you up for the challenge? Come and check out our identical rooms in Auckland, Rotorua and now Manukau!

Now with the Auckland CBD and the Manukau branch customers in Auckland have the chance to play 9 different themes in 11 escape rooms. Manukau is coming soon, so in the meantime get some practice and come play a game with us in Auckland CBD and keep an eye out for our granding opening in Manukau.

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days

Auckland Anniversary

Auckland Rogaine Series sponsorship

Looking for something fun to do this Auckland Anniversary weekend? Challenge your minds and those of your friends and family with a real-life escape room adventure!

Come and try out one of our five new rooms in the Auckland CBD. How would you break out of an Alien Prison? Could you escape from a Haunted Motel? Steal plans to pull off a grand heist in the Bar Mafia room, then try to pull off the robbery in the Bank Heist room.

Planning to get out of Auckland over the weekend? Reclaim your stole belongings in the Circus room, get out from Eyre Family Store or escape from the Prison at our Tauranga branch. Or enjoy the sunshine in an exciting outdoor adventure in town as you gather evidence to plead your case in the Rena Cover-up.

Try something new with a wide range of virtual reality experiences at the Rotorua branch. Or play a traditional room. Could you survive a Zombie invasion? Escape an unfortunate fate in Gangsters Chase room, or defuse a bomb in the Legacy of the Spy room.

Book your game today to ensure that you do not miss out!

The Season of Giving: Our Tablet Giveaway

In the spirit of Christmas and in celebration of the new additions across all our branches, we gave away ONE BRAND NEW TABLET to one lucky person! Congratulaton to Carol from Tauranga.

Escape Masters introduced tablets to our rooms to give hints throughout your game and create an uninterrupted real-life escape room experience. All our branches are equipped with state of the art technology to provide our guests with the best possible experience.Not only that but guests of all ages have enjoyed taking team selfies with them and they have been a pleasant part of our overall escape experience.

So to celebrate Escape Masters being the only escape room experience with tablet technology we decided to give away one of the same tablets our customers use in the rooms, the competition held on facebook and instagram encouraged customers to get involved in the Christmas spirit and book a game with us as well and be in the draw to win.

Book an escape game today and try out our state of the art technology for yourself!

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days


Auckland Rogaine Series sponsorship

Escape Masters was the first New Zealand escape room company to open identical rooms in Auckland/Rotorua and THEY WERE A HIT! From birthdays to corporate functions, guests loved racing head to head in our Zombie Invasion and Return of the Superhero rooms and they were a favourite among all ages!

Last month we finally said to goodbye to our Superhero rooms in Auckland, and after weeks of waiting we are excited to announce two new identical rooms for Auckland with a never before played theme. Bank Heist has been specifically designed keeping in mind the competitive nature of our guests. With brand new puzzles and a uniquely themed design, we promise this will be the perfect experience for everyone!

We ran a competition on our Facebook page where people had to guess which one of the new themes is the identical room. This competition was a success and we are pleased with the excitement people have towards the new rooms. The winning person won a voucher for 4 people to be one of the first to play the Bank Heist in Auckland!

So looking for something to do this summer? Already played our old rooms? Give our new rooms a try! You won’t leave disappointed!

For further updates follow us on Facebook and Instagram! We will also be running a HUGE Christmas promotion in the upcoming days so keep a lookout for that! ID: escapemasters


When Escape Masters first opened in 2014, we were the first escape room company to open identical rooms in Auckland. Our Return of the Suphero rooms have been loved and played by thousands of guests! Whether it's corporate functions, birthdays or just a regular outing with friends, guests have found the competitive experience to be fun and entertaining!

For the past few months we have been working on our new rooms and redoing some of our old gems! After saying goodbye to Gangsters’ we are now saying goodbye to the Return of the Superhero rooms! We have opened two brand new identical rooms with a brand new theme! In celebration of that, we are running a competition on our Facebook page shortly.

We believe this new themed room will be a wonderful addition to our Auckland branch and it has opened just in time for the December/Summer holidays!

Tauranga has also opening a brand new experience this December! The Rena Cover-Up focuses around the Rena Oil Spill that occurred in 2011 and will be an amazing outdoor experience! This is something completely new and will be perfect for the outdoor activity junkies!

Escape Masters Rotorua also has an amazing experience for guests! Besides unique escape rooms to play, we also have the first VR escape room experience! This is a great experience for the tech junkies or just anyone who wants to try this revolutionary piece of technology! For the past year guests have loved this virtual reality game and we know this will be favourite during these holidays as well!

With great things happening in December across all our branches be sure to visit our website or social media for more information and to keep updated! For a fun and thrilling experience this December BOOK NOW!

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days


Auckland Rogaine Series sponsorship

Please welcome the first ever outdoor walking experience opening up at Escape Masters Tauranga on 1st December! You will be required to get into teams, and will have 60 mins to walk around Tauranga to gather all the evidence and solve the case! This is a completely new and never done before experience at Escape Masters! We have been working on this for a long time and are so excited for guests to finally start playing!

Here at Escape Masters Ltd, we strongly believe in evolving and developing new ideas for the sole purpose of providing the best experience for our guests! This outdoor escape game will be the perfect addition to summer and great way to get active outdoors and have some fun! Themed around the Rena Disaster, this is close to home for the locals and of familiarity to most New Zealanders. It also gives tourists a chance to learn about Tauranga’s history whilst having a fun and energised hour!

Escape Masters Auckland also has some new things brewing this summer! After the successful opening of the Haunted Motel, we are opening new rooms with brand new themes so keep a lookout for that! BIG SURPRISES COMING SOON!

Looking for something fun to do this summer? Love a good mystery and puzzle? Book now at Escape Masters Auckland, Rotorua or Tauranga for the perfect activity this summer!

Thank you from Omokoroa Coastal Challenge!

We here at Escape Masters Auckland, Tauranga and Rotorua love to get involved in the community and help out worthy causes!

This month Escape Masters Tauranga donated free passes to the Omokoroa Coastal Challenge to help raise funds for a new Sports Pavilion in the Omokoroa community. The day involved a fun and challenging multi-sport event for all ages. From challenging duathlons for serious athletes, to casual stroller walking options for those that want to enjoy a relaxed Sunday morning, there was something for everyone.

The gift vouchers we had provided were used as prizes for the best dressed costumes and were loved by the winners. The event managed to fundraise almost $9000, which will all be given to the Sports Pavilion project.

We look forward to seeing the winners at our Tauranga branch and appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the community!

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days


Auckland Rogaine Series sponsorship

Escape Masters Auckland is proud to finally release our new room, The Haunted Motel. This is the first horror room we have done in Auckland and we are insanely proud of how it turned out! This is the perfect indoor adventure for thrill seekers and horror junkies! With captivating mysteries and newly designed puzzles, this will definitely be a memorable horror experience!

We ran a successful competition where we gave people the chance to guess the name of this room by looking at the picture. After an overwhelming number of responses the closest guess was “The Haunted Hotel”. With more new rooms opening, we will be running more competitions on our Facebook page to give guests a chance to win passes to be one the first to play! Like us on Facebook to keep updated!

The room is ready to play and has been enjoyed and loved by guests over the past weekend. We are ecstatic with the feedback we have received with this room and pride ourselves on offering our guests with a unique and fun experience!

Do you love thrill and horror? Book now to be one the of the first people to experience The Haunted Motel and set the high score!

We will be releasing MORE new rooms in the upcoming weeks with more lighter but just as unique themes for all ages in Auckland, so keep a look out for that on our social media! We will also launch our new outdoor experience in Tauranga from December. Watch this space for more details!

Gergo’s Amazing Race 2017

This year Escape Masters Auckland is proud to announce we are teaming up with Auckland’s Orienteering Club for Gergo’s Amazing Race. This race is dedicated to the amazing mountaineer and orienteer Gergo who devoted his short life to these passions. The event involves 5 hours of fun puzzle solving while getting active outdoors and making the most of this beautiful weather! Get in teams, dress up and have a great time outdoors filled with thrilling puzzles and activities that are enjoyable for both adults and kids!

This year’s theme is superheroes and Escape Masters Auckland will be having a pop up Superhero room for competitors to play! This weekend we will be saying goodbye to our much loved Superhero room as we will be replacing it with brand new rooms with never before played themes! This will be your last chance EVER to play our Superhero room and experience the thrilling and captivating mysteries that our guests have enjoyed for years! (HINT: BIG SURPRISE COMING)

Today is the LAST day to register for GAR, so visit their website now:

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days