We are open during the long weekend

Western Manukau

Looking for something fun to do over the long weekend? We've got you sorted: come and try out one of our escape rooms across our 4 branches in the North Island.

At our Auckland CBD branch could you break out of an Alien Prison, escape from a Haunted Motel or steal plans to pull off a grand heist in the Bar Mafia room, then try to pull off the robbery in the Bank Heist room?

Escobar’s hideout opened its doors to the public in Manukau - an other brand new room with never before seen puzzles. Would you be able to bust the biggest drug lord ever and escape on time? Have you tried to escape from our immersive Western prison or our school’s detention?

Planning to get out of Auckland over the weekend? Reclaim your stolen belongings in the Circus room, get out from Eyre Family Store or escape from the Prison at our Tauranga branch. Or enjoy the sunshine in an exciting outdoor adventure in town as you gather evidence to plead your case in the Rena Cover-up.

Try something new with a wide range of virtual reality experiences at the Rotorua branch. We offer a FREE 10 minutes trial per peson. Or play a traditional escape room: could you survive a Zombie invasion, escape an unfortunate fate in Gangsters Chase room, or defuse a bomb in the Legacy of the Spy room?

Book your game today to ensure that you do not miss out this long weekend!

A brand new escape room and lots more at Escape Masters this school holiday

A brand new escape room, free 10 min VR experience and a huge box of chocolate up for grabs at Escape Masters this school holiday!

Escobar's hideout has finally opened its doors at Escape Masters Manukau! You and your team of police officers have a mission: prove that Pablo Escobar isn’t the successful businessman everyone seems to think he is, but the biggest drug lord the world has ever known. You’ll need to uncover his secret hideout, find the evidence... and escape before Escobar comes back! Be a legend and book your escape game now!

Escape Masters Auckland CBD and Rotorua branches are excited to give customers the opportunity to trial our HTC Vive VR for FREE for 10 minutes. Choose from over 50+ games including genres such as Action, Horror, Shooter, Sports, Exploration, Puzzle, For Kids & VR Escape rooms. Including this 10 minute trial, we have also had a price drop if you wanted to play longer! Now 25 minutes is only $10 on weekdays and $15 dollars on weekends and our 50 minutes session is only $15 on weekdays and $20 on weekends! Book your VR game now and immerse yourself in virtual reality this school holiday!

Visit our Tauranga branch and be the winner of a huge box of Roses Chocolate! All you have to do is to book and play one of our three exciting escape rooms - Prison Break, Circus, Eyre's store - take a team photo at the end of the game and get people liking your photo. The photo with the most likes will receive the Box of chocolate. Go on, book a game now and be in to win! For T&C visit FB page.

We've got plenty of reasons to visit Escape Masters this school holiday, so make your booking now and don't miss out on the fun!

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days

Escape Reality with VR games 50% off

Western Manukau

Escape Masters Auckland CBD & Rotorua offer an awesome Virtual Reality experience: choose from a 25- or 50-minute sessions and play one or more of our 50 games available!

For the month of September we are offering 50% off your VR experience with the promo code SEPTVR50 when you book online.

With over 50 games, our HTC Vive VR has an experience for everyone. There are a variety of genres to choose from including arcade, horror, first-person shooters, sports, puzzles, explorations and kids.

You can play a virtual escape rooms games, BeatSaber: a game where you use lightsabers to slice boxes to the beat of a song, for the more athletically inclined customers Hoops VR: a basketball game where hoops will appear anywhere around you and you have 1 minute to get as many in as you can or you will have the chance to fight the enemy in numerous games, like the Space Pirates.

So don’t miss out on your escape from reality and a bunch of fun at Escape Masters Auckland CBD & Rotorua, book now at https://escapemasters.co.nz/en/book-now/ to enjoy the 50% off in September! (Please be aware CBD customers can only have 1 player at a time, in Rotorua 2 players can play at one time.)

The Perfect Combo: McDonald's & Escape Masters

McDonald''s Monopoly is back and Escape Masters are proud to be a part of their prize campaign! The promotion will run for 6 weeks launching Wednesday, 5 September 2018, with millions of prizes to be won. Escape Masters becomes an integral part of the Free Day Out prize, providing winners with one free admission (adult or child) to one of thier four branches in New Zealand.

So get amongst the Monopoly fun at McDonald's and you might be lucky enough to win a thrilling escape room experience!

For more info and how to play check out: https://maccasplay.co.nz/ and for T&C check the evouchers.

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days

Celebrate your Dad at Escape Masters

Western Manukau

Want to get your Dad a unique present for Father's Day but not sure what to get him? We've got you sorted: give him a thrilling experience with the family he will never forget!

If you bring your Dad to Escape Masters this Sunday he plays for FREE! So there's no excuse for you not to book. Give your Dad the experience he deserves this Fathers Day with Escape Masters at Auckland CBD, Manukau, Rotorua, and Tauranga! (Tauranga also has an AIMS games deal 20% off for 4 players or more, must have a minimum of 2 AIMS competitors in the room/s.) Check the individual Facebook sites for terms and conditions.

Have a unique Father's Day at Escape Masters and book now at New Zealand's first real-life escape game!

New room opening in Manukau

Following their successful opening in April, our team at Escape Masters Manukau is already working on their next room: Escobar’s hideout!

Be a legend! You and your team of police officers have a mission: prove that Pablo Escobar isn’t the successful businessman everyone seems to think he is, but the largest drug criminal the world has ever known. You’ll need to uncover his secret hideout, find the evidence... and escape before Escobar comes back!

What took us so long? If you have played our Western Jail and School detention rooms, you know we are all about getting you into the right atmosphere. This means finding the right story, interesting and logical puzzles that fit well into the storyline and great, realistic props and room staging. Plus this time, we’ll have a whole lot of more technical electronic puzzles! Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight and the success of the first rooms means we are already pretty busy!

When are you opening Escobar’s hideout... I can’t wait! We plan to open this new room in September so put your team together and book your next Escape Masters experience now! Watch this space for more info about the opening date for the Escobar escape room!

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days

Escape the Winter Blues

Western Manukau

Cold weather stealing your buzz? Need a fun activity to do this mid-winter? Escape Masters can give you an escape from the winter blues and introduce you to a whole new world: working together with a common goal to escape from an Alien Spaceship, Western Jail and more!

Escape Masters has become lots of peoples go-to place for a group function, accommodating from groups of 2 people all the way up to 48 people (in Auckland CBD). Our escape rooms encourage teams to work and solve puzzles together and build morale - perfect for a workplace team building exercise to get everyone out of the office!

All branches offer our lobby space for anyone who wants to have a lunch or dinner after their escape experience! We have 16 rooms over all four of our branches (Auckland CBD, Manukau, Rotorua and Tauranga), with our Tauranga branch giving a special offer with the help from CBK for teams of 12, 15 and 18. Find all the info on the Tauranga Escape Masters facebook page.

So what are you waiting for? Escape the cold weather and book in today to experience the fun at Escape Masters!

Escape Masters heads to the USA

Escape Masters has attended the Escape Room Conference in Nashville, USA. This was an amazing opportunity for Escape Masters: we got the chance to attend in-depth room escape seminars, visit escape game exhibits, vendors and escape rooms, we have also shared our groundbreaking Escape Room Admin technology with escape room businesses in the United States.

It was so interesting and educational for us to see the trends of escape rooms and experience what escape rooms are like in the USA; the whole trip made us inspired and gave us more ideas than ever for our future rooms here in New Zealand.

The conference was also a great success for us as we had a lot of interest in our application, Escape Room Admin, with several escape rooms ready to trial the application at their escape rooms in the USA soon. If you are also keen to see the Escape Room Admin for yourself, simply get in touch with us and we'll set you up for your free trial.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about an amazing and high-tech escape room experience, book now at one of our four Escape Masters branches!

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days

Creating a High-Tech Escape Room Experience

Western Manukau

Escape Masters is proud to have developed Escape Room Admin, a tablet application made to help escape room businesses to provide a better customer experience and a more efficient workplace environment for their staff.

With our state-of-the art technology players can create an account, read the rules and game story, add notes, get hints, play background music, ask for help and more! All at the convenience of their game tablet. And these options can also be customizable to best fit your business and customer experience. Make your business run more smoothly with employees being able to show immediate rankings, handle team photos with an ease, check room reset times and maintenance reports after the game.

So why not improve your customer service, escape room experience and your overall business efficiency with Escape Room Admin? Know more about your business and take your real-life escape room game to the next level! Find more information at www.escaperoomadmin.com and simply get in touch with us today.

School Holidays + Escape Masters = 2X the fun!

Come and play an escape room at Escape Masters Auckland CBD this school holidays and get 50% OFF on a 50 minutes timeshare HTC Vive VR game experience for each team member that played the real-life escape game during the promotional period. That means your team can play one of our exciting escape rooms and then get a chance to immerse yourself in VR as well! [All Terms & Condition on the Escape Masters Auckland facebook page.]

If your in Auckland but have already played all our rooms in the CBD, our Manukau branch only opened its doors a couple of months ago with 2 BRAND NEW themes. So why not head down there to play one of our awesome new themes this school holidays.

Heading to Rotorua for some fun? Escape Masters Rotorua has 4 real-life escape room games, 2 VR booths and now a BRAND NEW pop-up escape room. The Mystery in the Circus pop-up Escape Room is only open for this school holidays, so make sure you get your chance to come play this EXCLUSIVE game! For only $15 per person, experience never before seen puzzles during a thrilling 30 minutes game! Come check out the Mystery in the Circus and be among the first ones to experience this!

And remember if you are in Tauranga we have 3 original themed escape rooms and an outdoor experience at our branch there as well. So make sure you join in on the fun during your school holidays by booking with any of our FOUR Escape Masters branches!

Escape Masters - Perfect indoor activity for rainy days