About the escape game

This internationally popular phenomenon promises a vivid experience where you can become the main character of a captivating mystery. An adventure, where teams are locked in a themed room with a common goal to break out within an hour. To escape, you will need to find clues and solve unique puzzles. We have 3 locations, with 13 different experiences (including identical rooms that you can race one another in!) to choose from.

Suitable for all ages, Escape Masters is the perfect venue for corporate functions, parties, stag and hen nights, or a good time with family and friends.

Choose your own difficulty level, select one of the themed rooms and bring a team of 2-8 people per room. Get ready for an adrenalin pumping, grey-matter challenging experience! Will you escape?

How it works

How does Escape Masters escape game works?

Game Rules

Game Rules - Escape Masters - New Zealand
  • You have 60 minutes to escape.
  • Use your critical thinking, not your physical power.
  • Please take care of the rooms and the objects inside the rooms.
  • You can ask for help 3 times during the game.
  • An adult must accompany all children under the age of 14.
  • You play the game at your own consent and risk.
  • The rooms are equipped with security cameras for your safety.
  • Security exit door/key can be used in case of an emergency.
  • No pictures, video or audio recordings are allowed in the game rooms.



What will I have to do?

You will be locked in a room and in order to find the combination/key for the exit door’s lock and win the game, you will need to solve tricky puzzles and find hidden clues before your time is up. Once you have the final combination you can escape from the room. During your quest to escape, you might need to solve an additional mystery which adds to the fun!


How easy is it to escape?

The room is full of witty riddles and it is designed to be challenging. When you make a booking you can choose a difficulty level: easy, medium, hard or x-hard.


What will happen if I do not escape within the given time frame?

The Escape Masters Team will let you out of the room at the end of your session. You are more than welcome to come back and try to escape on another visit! (If there is not a booking straight after your session, you may get to solve the remaining clues.)


How long does a game last?

There is a 10 minutes introduction and briefing time before the game followed by 60 minutes of game time.


Do we get help if we are stuck during the game?

Yes, the Escape Masters Team will monitor you during the course of the game, so they will be ready to help when you get stuck. However, you will only have three chances to ask for the help via a call button, so make sure you really need it!


What happens in an emergency?

The Escape Masters Team will monitor you during game play at all times and you can also speak with them using the call button. You will be immediately let out of the room and if it is necessary, help will be called. There is also an emergency key or unlocked door that is always open in each of our game rooms.


What kind of clothing should we wear for the game?

You should wear comfortable clothing - casual street-wear.


Is there a minimum age requirement for playing the game?

No, there is no age limit for the game. But if you are under 14, we require an adult to accompany you during the whole course of the game.


How safe is it?

It is very safe. The rooms are equipped with surveillance cameras. The Escape Masters Team can monitor the sessions clearly and at all times so we can to react immediately to any emergency. There is also an emergency key or a door that is always open in each of our game rooms.


I am pregnant/have a physical disability/get claustrophobic can I still play?

The escape game does not involve physical activity. All our branches, except Tauranga, have wheelchair accessibility and most of our rooms are wheelchair friendly. Please contact individual branches to find the most suitable room that will accommodate your disability. Some of our rooms have windows and all of our rooms have light in it. All of our rooms have an emergency door that is always open or have an emergency key to open the doors. There is also seating in the rooms you can use if you get tired.


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How will we receive the free game if we are ranked number one in a given month in Auckland CBD, Rotorua and Wellington?

All you need to do is to make a booking and claim your free game upon arrival to Escape Masters by showing us your picture and game time. Only the teams ranked first on our monthly rankings can claim the free game. You can claim your free game within three months from the month you won the free game. The promotion is only valid in Auckland CBD, Rotorua and Wellington branches.


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What happens if we cannot make the pre-booked session?

If you cannot make your booking, please move your session in our booking system to a time which is convenient for you. If you are unable to modify the booking in our booking system, please notify us by phone and we will help you out. Please follow the link in your confirmation e-mail to cancel a booking. If you are unable to cancel your session in our booking system, please notify us by phone.


Can we cancel a booking?

Please follow the link in your confirmation e-mail to cancel a booking. If you are not able to cancel the booking in our booking system, please notify us via phone. Please note, once a game is paid, no refunds will be given.


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Read feedback from players who have successfully cracked our escape rooms.

So much fun

So much fun

"We organised a team building event for work and booked out the Superhero rooms. It was a really fun, challenging and entertaining hour which really brought the team together. Everyone was super stoked with the event and with the added competition of trying to beat the other team, it made it even more exciting. Would definitely recommend it for a small group and in particular for a team building exercise. Will definitely be back!"



"My friends and I did the spy room and it was a lot of fun with a big surprise and heaps of twists that kept us excited throughout the entire game. Very innovative and true to its theme. The staff were really friendly especially the tall guy with the glasses (sorry totally forgot his name). Overall a very fun activity to do with friends/family. :D"

Great team building activity

Great team building activity

"Escape Masters is a really fun activity if you have a group of people. We did this as a group of about 12 people from work, split into two teams in identical Zombie Invasion escape rooms, where we had to find hidden keys and clues, solve a range of puzzles, crack codes, etc to escape the room within the allocated time frame - before the zombies breached our room. The have several different scenario rooms that you can attempt with as few as two people, but doing it as two teams head to head adds a whole extra level of fun as you really want to beat the other team."

11 year old birthday party

11 year old birthday party

"Best party ever" was the general consensus from the four 10-11 year olds who managed to escape from the Alien abduction room ( easy level) on the weekend. My husband assisted them and staff kindly extended their time but they were very proud that they made it out. This room worked well as no one wanted to be in a dark room or with anything too scary so Alien abduction provided just the right level of challenge and excitement. A big thank you to the patient staff."

Best escape room experience yet

Best escape room experience yet

"We've done about four or five of these rooms before, but this company was the best so far - we had so much fun that after we finished our first room, we went back an hour later to see if they had any more appointments available that day. Other companies have been great, but this seemed like the most professional in terms of location, staff, and options - they had difficulty levels, monthly and all-time records, and a variety of rooms."

Escape Masters is the best

Escape Masters is the best

"Escape Masters is the best and definitely something different to do then the same old movies or mini golf. It definitely brings out another side of people lol when you really get into character but the staff there are awesome and never make you feel durrrr for not getting out on time lol shout out to Will and Phillip ! Thank you both for your awesome customer service and helping is out. Definitely going to keep coming until we have conquered all the rooms hahaha Thank you escape masters!"