The Apocalypse is here, and to survive, you better beware! 

Society has fallen but luckily you’ve managed to regroup with your team. A foul stench permeates the air as a silhouette shuffles towards you. It is rotten and it is hungry … for your flesh! *da da duuuuun*

You will soon meet your end in a zombie’s ravenous embrace unless you can figure out how to survive the invasion, from your last hope, the home of the Zombie Killer Professor. Collect clues and solve the puzzles, but the pressure is on – your team is humanity’s last hope. Escape the room with the cure before the zombies come and attack!

Features of the game

  • next generation escape game
  • a thrilling game, not for the faint of heart
  • suitable for more experienced players
  • series of complex puzzles that will have your brain tingling
  • Logo
  • Zombie invasion 1
  • Zombie invasion 2
  • Zombie invasion 3
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