Escape Masters started offering Virtual Reality (VR) games in Rotorua and Auckland CBD!

From climbing Everest to slashing up the high scores on Fruit Ninja, VR offers entertainment on another level! Immerse yourself in over 50 games for you to choose from. Conveniently situated in the Escape Masters' lobby area, we offer the newest games and tech for your enjoyment. So come on down and give Virtual Reality a go!

You simply need to book a booth and come to Escape Masters to play. You will be using HTC Vive technology - just put the headset on, grab the controllers and you're set to go! Our staff will be there to demonstrate how the games work and can offer any further assistance if required. We will also provide you with your own booth to play in and give you a selection of games and difficulties so that everyone can enjoy their own Virtual Reality experience!

If you want to try something new - come along and play solo, or bring your friends, family and coworkers and they can play in the other booths at the same time!

Book a game now and immerse yourselfe!

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