Does solving mysteries and conquering mathematical and visual puzzles sound like your kind of challenge? Then step into the Gangsters Room…

Mr. Boss has gone missing and brave soul that you are, you have entered the Gangsters lair to find clues – only to have the door swing shut and lock behind you! Now you only have 60 minutes to solve the mystery and escape from the room before the dangerous Gangsters get back. Find the hidden clues, solve the puzzles and unlock doors to find the key that will unlock the main exit door and GET YOU OUTTA THERE!

Features of the game

  • find out if you are the next Sherlock Holmes
  • classic escape room experience spiced with a mystery
  • suitable for first-time players and children
  • simpler puzzles, but good observation skills are needed
  • Logo
  • Gangsters room 1
  • Gangsters room 2
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