A casual outing to get some groceries has turned into a nail-biting lock-up, with you scrambling to bust your way out of Eyre’s Family Store before the police arrives – will you make it out? 

Mr. Eyre, the sneaky store-owner, has locked you into his store whilst you were doing your weekly grocery shopping.

After desperately hunting around for a way out, you realise that this might not be the harmless family grocery store you thought it was. You can see clear signs that black-market alcohol has been made in this so-called “shop”.

You need to find a way out of this store beforeit's too late, if the police discover you in this illegal environment with your fingerprints all over everything then serious consequences may occur.    

Features of the game

  • classic escape room experience spiced with intrigue
  • suitable for first-time players and children
  • simpler puzzles, but good observation skills are needed
  • combination of locks, clues, and strategic puzzles
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