Hello Wellington!

14 November 2019

Escape Masters has arrived to Wellington, the big capital, not too long ago. We pride ourselves in bringing you uniquely crafted escape rooms with completely different worlds. We have had many successful teams crack the codes and solve our puzzles so far. The question is: which escape room will you escape from?

Will you try to get yourself out of the eerie, bloody hands of the Serial Killer, or keep a close hand to your pockets and run for your dear life, before the ruthless clown of Escape Royale Circus makes a joke out of you, or gather up your leadership skills and save the world from a meteor strike?
And if you have tried them all, the good news is...
 a brand new action-packed experience is coming to you soon - the Prison Bus. Prepare yourself, to escape from your wrongfully charged time in jail in time.. Before it is too late. 

World friendship day

31 July 2019

The 30th of July marks a special date - World Friendship Day! Escape Masters is celebrating this wholesome event celebrated globally, by giving away an Uncle Tetsu cheesecake in the Auckland branch, and a 50 minute VR game for two in Rotorua! All you have to do is to solve the riddle “If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you won’t have me“ on Facebook or Instagram, and you’ll be in to win a special treat for you and your friends when you book in a game with us!

Gather your friends to enjoy a special bonding experience in one of our escape rooms now! The more the merrier.Happy World Friendship Day, from Escape Masters.

Experience our first escape room in Wellington

14 August 2019

Not too long ago, the newly established Escape Masters branch at the capital of New Zealand had been the hype amongst fellow thrill seekers and problem solvers alike. The next exciting thing is the opening of the first new room, in Wellington! This will be the first room to be revealed, out of the staggering seven other rooms in this branch! Who knows, you might even spot the Prime Minster paying a visit!

Can you guess what the room is? A hint: this one is definitely an old favourite of Escape Masters. You will be in the draw to experience this newly created room! Just guess what this room will be on our Facebook or Instagram channels, and if you guess correctly.. There will be a good chance you will be the first to play this new mysterious room! T&Cs on our social media pages.